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The Youshare Project publishes true, personal stories about life-shaping events and experiences, and offers a safe space for people to engage in meaningful dialogue about the story topics.

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Who We Are

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Our Vision

To create a more conscious and thoughtful global societyby publishing personal stories from people around the world. Each of us has an individual story, our own personal narrative of events and experiences that shape our personalities, our opinions and biases, the way we dress and act, and the customs and traditions in which we take part. Stepping outside of our personal bubbles to explore different perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue enriches our lives and cultivates a more conscious and thoughtful society.

Our Mission

Create a repository of the human experience Give voice to underrepresented communities Remove barriers for sharing and consuming personal stories Introduce readers to new ideas Foster a global community of open-minded individuals

Our Values

RespectRespect all people, cultures, and ideas

IntegrityStrive to always do what is right and what we say we will do

CompassionInspire compassion through personal stories

EqualityChampion equality in everything we do

DiversityEmbrace the diverse perspectives of all people

CommunityStrengthen communities around the world

What Exactly is the Youshare Project?

Forward Thinking

We’re breaking down barriers, shattering stigmas, and building more effective communities through storytelling. The Youshare Project represents the change we want to see in the world.

Love Based, Not Fear Based

We recognize that a world that continues to promote and live in fear is a world that will remain disconnected, apathetic, and fall short of our human potential.

A Global Community

We hail from around the globe, but come together because we crave personal growth, new perspectives, and connection with others.

A Safe Space

We embrace, encourage, and respect vulnerability—because we recognize that vulnerability is critical for human connection and progress.
“Thank you for providing a really fantastic platform for writers to share great writing, but also meaningful stories.” Shelia Moeschen

Youshare Author

“I have never seen a website dedicated only to the exposure of human nature and the dismantling of real experiences by their own protagonists.” Jeanette Voerman

Youshare Author

“This project has made immense changes on people which the creators may not be aware of. The platform is therapeutic, through it souls are healed.” Mariama Kandeh

Youshare Author

“We find true connection when we seek, know, and love others through their stories. @youshareproject gets this!” Leanne Sype

Youshare Author

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Everyone has a life-shaping story to tell. What’s yours?


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  1. March 9, 2015  6:38 pm by jeanshriver Reply

    sounds interesting

  2. May 18, 2015  10:37 pm by tonyroberts64 Reply

    Nick & Ashlee,

    I greatly appreciate what you have undertaken here. I've enjoyed what I've read so far and look forward to reading more.

  3. July 28, 2015  7:17 pm by tracylialynn Reply

    I think this is an awesome platform for people to share difficult and private stories that altered their lives in profound and dramatic ways, that wouldn't be as easily voiced on other social media outlets. The potential for changing the world, one life at a time, is limitless! I encourage others to contribute to the conversations!

  4. July 29, 2015  3:45 pm by Helen C. Gennari Reply

    Ashlee, I am excited about joining the conversation ~~ and responding to your invitation to share a bit of my story. A few comments here by way of introduction~~I have spent the last 7 years writing my first book: From The Heart Of An Abandoned Daughter: My Personal Journey Through Family Violence And Beyond, which is about to be published. The experience of writing my memoir has been life-changing~~for me and for my family. Thank you for providing this space. I look forward to sharing part of my story with you.

  5. March 17, 2016  7:28 pm by Karuna Reply

    Ashlee, I sent you an email a little while ago. I'd like to share information about YouShare on my blog. I thought I'd mention it here in case you see this note before you see the email!

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