Presently and Pleasantly Unplugged

“Let’s wait outside for Papa,” I urged the kids, wanting to get them outside. We hunkered down on the front porch and waited. No Papa. As the gray clouds rolled in, my daughter gulped back my oversized sports bottle of water. It was hot. Her hair was knotted from a busy day of work and play, her face dirty from helping me in the garden. My son’s nap’s impression remained […]


An Open Letter To The Mom In The Apple Store

  To The Mom in the Apple Store, Today, before we spoke at the Apple Store, was not the easiest for me. The night prior, my daughter had the first night terror of her life. She is just shy of 3 years old. When she uncharacteristically woke at 11:30 the night before, I figured she’d be dead asleep in no time at all. She is a good sleeper. She woke excited. […]


My Surprise, Planned, Unwed Pregnany

It was a gloriously sunny summer day. The weather was mild for summertime, and thankfully so.  I was ridden with morning sickness. At just ten weeks, I felt like a mutated fraction of myself. I could barely keep anything down. I was lethargic, drained, wanted coffee, couldn’t even stomach the smell of coffee, and was oh so sensitive. I had just gotten together with a bunch of girlfriends for the […]