As part of our continued effort to provide innovative ways for the Youshare community to share and consume true, personal stories, we’re proud to announce the launch of Dial Youshare! Now, sharing your story is easier than ever. Read the instructions below, and get dialing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Step 1

Find a quiet space—where you will not be interrupted—to record your true, personal story.

Step 2

Use one or more of the questions below as inspiration. Don’t mention the questions in your recording, but rather use them to guide you through your story.

Step 3

Call the Dial Youshare phone number: 812-565-2936 (international calls use country code +1)

Step 4

After listening to the recorded message, say and spell your full name and email address where we can reach you. Then begin your story with, “Hi Youshare,” and launch right in. Tell your story as if you were sitting down with a dear friend. Call as much as you’d like, and as often as you’d like. 

Question Prompts
  • – What event or experience has most impacted your life?
  • – How did this event or experience impact your life?
  • – How did it change you personally?
  • – What have you learned from this event or experience?
  • – Based on your personal experience, do you have any advice to share with others who may be experiencing something similar?

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