About Youshare

Youshare is a global community of storytellers, readers, and contributors, who initiate open, positive dialogue on a myriad of topics. It’s a place to swap personal stories, get answers to questions you never knew you had, and connect with people around the world. Youshare co-founders Nicholas Blewett and Ashlee Brown Blewett believe that exploring different perspectives—and talking about our commonalities as well as our differences—will make the world a more enlightened and accepting place.

About the Founders

Youshare Project co-founders Nick Blewett and Ashlee Brown Blewett have over 15 years of combined experience working with international media organizations, including National Geographic, PBS, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Smithsonian Channel, WGBH, The Washington Post, and NPR. We have researched, developed, written, and produced content for books, the web, and broadcast and cable television. For most of our careers, we have focused on telling other people’s stories. But we believe the most powerful stories are unfiltered, unbiased, and told not through the lens of a particular media outlet or journalist, but delivered personally.

Press Releases

January 19, 2015 — Youshare Launches New Kind of User-Generated Storytelling Website, Global Community of Learners


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