How Mexico Changed Me for the Better

Fifteen of the last twenty months in my life were spent in different areas of Mexico. I anticipated a tan and fun in the sun, beautiful Caribbean beaches and Pacific Ocean sunsets, culturally important cities and Mayan ruins. I didn’t expect to be internally changed forever. Yes, Mexico has its issues–doesn’t every country? This isn’t a cultural contrast, and I’m not declaring Mexico better than my homeland. I’m simply saying my experiences […]


Not My Father's Daughter

Recently I realized I’d been holding myself back from embracing a part of myself I’d long since exiled into that abyss of long-past memories. As a person who has suffered from extreme anxiety and depression, life can be a daily struggle to remind myself that I am enough of a person or someone who matters in this life. I’ve been working really hard to get out of this vicious cycle through […]


Is Love Finite?

Have you ever felt the most intense emotions imaginable, and then felt like you would probably never feel that intensely ever again? It makes me wonder if our feelings (especially our ability to love) are a finite resource—like if I kept feeling it and sharing it, that one day I could run out. I remember about a decade ago I was very into writing letters—hand-written thoughts penned down on pretty […]


Accepting Time

I have taken some time away. Time away from family, my sisters, my realities. I needed to detach in order to find some normal again. My father left this earth suddenly, completely unexpectedly and tragically two and a half months ago. I am thirty-nine years old; I still feel as though I am far too young to bury my Dad. I haven’t been able to listen to a lot of music, or […]


Mr. Roberge

When I was a junior in high school, the class met to nominate candidates to run for Student Council for our senior year. I was nominated to run for vice president, but I turned it down. I thought it might actually carry some responsibility. I was later nominated to run for court clerk, and someone quickly said that I had already turned down being a member of the Student Council. […]


When Dreams Go Away

This story is published as part of The Geeky Press/Youshare Project reading series Things have changed since those days when the owl’s call meant evenings with Granny and Grandpa, sitting in lawn chairs outside and listening to the woods around us. I listened with such wonder in those days. That house on the hill seemed to invite wonder. I’d grab a book from one of their shelves and carry it out […]


Orphaned, Single, and 24: My Unconventional First Day of College

This story is published as part of The Geeky Press/Youshare Project reading series I was halfway across the campus green when I dropped my army surplus bag, heavy with new textbooks, and collapsed on the grass. Buttoning my flannel shirt over a braless t-shirt, I stretched out on my back. It was September of 1975 when I found myself lying on the grass at the University of Vermont. Having worked for […]


Shades of Independence

This story is published as part of our Independence series My college research experience wasn’t very glamorous or vigilant. I wasn’t very confident about applying and being accepted into any colleges, so I didn’t really research where to go to school. My grades were decent, but I didn’t know what I wanted to study or where I wanted to fulfill the almighty “get a degree so you can get a […]


Hijab | Life Lessons From My Daughter

So many times as parents we get caught up with the things we want to teach our children that they overshadow the things our children are teaching us. On a regular basis, I catch myself looking at their splendor and carefree ways, their strength, and their ability to live in the present and often wish that the beauty and innocence of simpler times hadn’t evaded me so quickly. Recently, a certain […]


How My Injury is Making Me a (Slightly) Better Person

Though I have never parked in a disabled parking space, I have looked longingly at the empty ones. They are always so tantalizingly convenient—right by the front door of wherever I need to go. Do places like Safeway and Home Depot really need to set aside two, four, or even six spaces, when they sit there unused? Just look at all that prime parking real estate! Hey, I think. I’ve been […]