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Youshare is a global community of storytellers and readers engaging in meaningful dialogue about our shared experiences. It’s a safe space to share personal stories and consider different perspectives on various topics. Our goal is to break down barriers, shatter stigmas, and build more effective communities.

The Founders


Nick and Ashlee Blewett are a husband and wife team with a single dream: to live in a more conscious and thoughtful world. We believe that exploring different perspectivesand embracing our commonalities as well as our differencesis the only way for humanity to to reach our full potential.

With the Youshare Project, we’ve created a safe space for people around the world to share personal stories about their life-shaping events and experiences, and initiate open, positive dialogue on various topics. Our goal is to change the world…one conversation at a time. And we’re counting on you to join us!

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Nick Blewett Co-founder

Nick is the co-founder of the Youshare Project. He also works at Cummins Inc. as a Diversity Leader in the Global Recruiting department, where he leads efforts to bring diverse talent from around the globe into the organization. Prior to working at Cummins, Nick worked at the National Geographic Society for five years in various roles that supported major initiatives (e.g. Ocean Initiative, Fresh Water Initiative, etc.). In his last position at National Geographic, he managed content that was distributed across multiple mediums (e.g. broadcast, digital, radio, live events, classroom material, etc.).

Ashlee Blewett Co-founder

Ashlee is the co-founder and editor of the Youshare Project. She also writes and edits personal essays and children’s nonfiction. Her most recent book projects include project managing and editing the forthcoming book National Geographic Kids: Weird But True: Ripped from the Headlines 3 (2016), and writing National Geographic Kids: Hoot, Hoot, Hooray!: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Rescues (2015). She enjoys traveling, learning about science and nature, and connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Sheryl Louise Rivett Editor

Sheryl is an essayist, fiction writer, and educator. She holds MA and MFA degrees in creative writing. Her work has appeared in various publications and her essay Inheritance, an essay about intergenerational illness, has won critical review. In her writing and volunteer work, she advocates for better diagnostics and treatment for chronic illness, the elimination of disparities in maternity care, and full agency in women’s health. She dabbles in visual art, often incorporating art into prose projects. Currently she is at work on a memoir, Misperceptions, and novel, Finding Evelyn. She loves to take long walks in the countryside, during which she dreams up stories.

Jasmine Pollard Outreach

Jasmine is a mother and creative writer and a women’s advocate firmly rooted in the body positive movement. She documents her daily struggles with self-appreciation and self-love, as well as her achievements, sharing her experiences and vulnerabilities as a woman and a mother on her personal blog and Instagram account. Through her openness and transparency, she is helping other women around the world learn to love and appreciate themselves instead of relying on others to validate them, while proving that empowered women can empower others. In her spare time, she enjoys working with her hands for skills like carpentry and tapestry weaving, and is currently working toward getting her CA M1 motorcycle license as well as fitting in hiking adventures with her son on the weekends.

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